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If you’re wondering about whether the Australian pension system is going to work and deliver on its promise of a gentle and dignified retirement, then read on…

One of the best proxies for what is happening in the housing market are the figures from Mortgage Broking Giant AFG – which reveal on a quarterly basis the home loan applications moving through the ‘national system’.

If you are at all interested in economics you’ve probably heard of Branko Milanovic, the Serbian/American Academic and writer who like Thomas Piketty focuses his research on global inequality and the way that income is unevenly distributed around the world.



The decision to scrap plans for a secondary annuity market is the latest in a dizzying number of Government U-turns over pension policy that creates the impression we are going around in circles.

The phrase “Full of Eastern Promise” may have entered the popular consciousness through the iconic Fry’s Turkish Delight TV adverts. But the term could also be applied to those fund jurisdictions in Asia that now offer promise to hard-up European asset managers weighed down by heavy regulations.

If markets shift toward value investing — and some would argue that trend has already begun — then today’s strugglers could easily become tomorrow’s frontrunners.


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While the $185 million fine issued to Wells Fargo will not bankrupt the lender, the breakdown in compliance and ethics leaves the company morally bankrupt.

The rise of the gig economy is attracting headlines in the US and beyond. But providing gig workers with the benefits awarded to full-time employees is becoming an increasing concern for policymakers.
June 2016 - Bumbling Along

Optimists have a tendency to hail the notion of boundlessness as well as the absence of limits. Unfortunately in reality, constraints and limits do exist – sometimes this is good and other times less so.

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The latest report by CoreData Research provides an in-depth analysis of the blossoming Regtech sector — those solutions helping financial services companies comply with regulatory requirements through innovative technologies.

This report outlines core DFM considerations such as investment philosophy and their proposition as a business.

Many individuals do not consider divorce a significant threat to retirement savings — a surprising finding given that divorced individuals have less saved in retirement than married individuals and are more likely to be bankrupt.

The rise of the gig economy, whereby employees freelance in temporary positions, is gathering momentum.