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The March 2017 Brexit Budget was very light on pension reform and this is surely a taste of things to come. With the Government totally immersed in Brexit considerations, it will be very difficult politically to push through any significant changes or reforms to the sector.

The latest front in the war against China’s debt addiction has seen almost seven million people banned from boarding high-speed trains or planes over the past four years.
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News that Betterment in the US and Barclays in the UK are to launch “hybrid” offerings combining robo-advice with a human touch suggest the power of the robots could be waning as the robo-advice market shows signs of saturation.


Super - the big easy

The superannuation industry continues to experience strong growth and is currently worth over $2 trillion, up 7.5% on the previous year.
Get with the program

For many players in the financial services game (if not the economy as a whole), the need to stay competitive with an ‘innovative’ technological advantage is becoming less about getting ahead of the pack and more about keeping pace – or even just playing ‘catch up’.
Just good enough is enough

Nothing but the best will do’ is usually what consumers expect of financial services providers, including super funds.


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The recent news that Harvard University’s endowment fund is to outsource more of its investment to external asset managers underscores the growing demand for expertise in the low return world.

Markets today are reacting to hastily constructed late-night tweets from the White House. There is even a new app that alerts users when Trump tweets about a stock they own.
The Asset Puzzle

What assets are managers focusing on in 2017?

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Saving more money can lead to increased confidence in the economy and one’s household finances.

The latest report by CoreData Research into the Isa market examines the buying behaviour of UK retail investors.

Advisors expect a choppy ride in 2017 but many anticipate markets will perform favorably.

The introduction of the Retail Distribution Review in December 2012 could be considered a considerable head start for advisers preparing to face Mifid II.