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The gaping gap in consumer engagement and knowledge when it comes to pensions and retirement poses a real danger that could condemn large numbers of the current workforce to potential pensioner poverty later on in life.
Bridging the void

There is a vast chasm in the wealth management industry that asset managers need to bridge as rapid change continues to take hold and legacy structures risk derailing the future success of participants.

Although the UK may lose some jobs following its exit from the EU, the lustre of London will continue to shine.



Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was a bastion of support for the innovation and start-up community when election campaigning, yet his enthusiasm has fizzled to a whimper since cementing power.
What the 457 announcement really means

The recent announcement that the Federal Government will scrap the 457 working visa for temporary skilled migrants is more of an age-demography solution than a national jobs solution.
Has the Productivity Commission killed Default Super

Last month the Productivity Commission released its long-awaited report on superannuation.


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The fight for data security appears endless, but do we need to accept cyber breaches and their consequences as an occupational hazard and a trade-off for the benefits that digital brings?
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Does the Federal Reserve’s latest rate hike signal the beginning of the end of accommodative monetary policy?
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The recent news that Harvard University’s endowment fund is to outsource more of its investment to external asset managers underscores the growing demand for expertise in the low return world.

Recent Research Projects


Last year was one of political gloom. As we move toward the middle of 2017, this report analyses how the attitudes of HNW investors in the UK have been affected by the tumult.

The latest report by CoreData Research provides an in-depth analysis of UK consumer behaviour and attitudes toward saving for retirement.

Saving more money can lead to increased confidence in the economy and one’s household finances.

The latest report by CoreData Research into the Isa market examines the buying behaviour of UK retail investors.