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Red October colored

October stands out in stock market history owing to the fact that several large market crashes have occurred during the month. And true to form, the month of October 2018 provided us with a new entry to the stock market lexicon: Red October.

Brexit and MiFID II both represent a significant challenge for UK financial advisers. These political and regulatory earthquakes are also intertwined to the extent that Brexit could result in an unravelling of the controversial EU-wide regulation.

James Bond’s favourite car maker, Aston Martin, is planning a £5bn IPO. While Aston Martin may have a licence to thrill, investing in the stock could make for a rough ride given the company’s less-than-solid fundamentals.



The Federal Reserve’s current path of rate increases point toward a further flattening and possible inversion of the yield curve in 2018, triggering concerns about a potential economic slowdown.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, the consensus is anything but clear — for some it is the medium of exchange for the future and for others a disaster waiting to happen.

With the demographic time bomb ticking away, retirement security has become one of the most pressing social issues facing the world over the next 30 years.

Recent Research Projects


Last year was one of political gloom. As we move toward the middle of 2017, this report analyses how the attitudes of HNW investors in the UK have been affected by the tumult.

The latest report by CoreData Research provides an in-depth analysis of UK consumer behaviour and attitudes toward saving for retirement.

Saving more money can lead to increased confidence in the economy and one’s household finances.

The latest report by CoreData Research into the Isa market examines the buying behaviour of UK retail investors.