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Burningpants.com, produced by CoreData since 2006, provides fresh commentary, information and data-driven insights for those looking to stay ahead of the market.

The website provides expert views, opinions and analysis on the latest news and market trends via blogs and videos as well as insightful research for those wanting to better understand the needs and challenges facing asset owners and asset influencers.

We pride ourselves on identifying market trends early and leveraging our deep market knowledge to transform data into meaningful findings.

One of the major benefits of having a team of enthusiastic and dedicated experts conducting research in Australia, the Philippines, the United States, Malta and the United Kingdom is the range of ideas and breadth of discussion generated within the group.

And all this comes together on burningpants.com. Our experts provide regular views and updates on those subjects that matter most to you to help you navigate the challenges and seize those opportunities facing the financial services industry and other service-based industries.

And you too can join the conversation through our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Burningpants also offers a digital library leveraging our qualitative and quantitative research insights for retail, business and investment clients.

We hope you enjoy Burningpants and let us know what you think and how we can improve it.

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