Last week this burningpants’ correspondent found himself at a primary school fundraiser trivia night.

Don’t worry this isn’t a blog about the state of the Australian education system, but more to do with the fact this correspondent has what can only be described as a prodigious and, some might say, deeply irritating memory for the irrelevant.

Anyhow, one of the things worth noting from the trivia night is that one round of the quiz was a brand logo recognition test – in which a series of company logos from all over the world were displayed without their name and each table was asked to identify the corresponding firm.

Some were ridiculously easy, such as the ABC sine wave, others less so, but what was interesting was that in a school basketball stadium, chock-to-the-brim with Sydney millionaires, only in the region of 60% of quiz teams recognized the logo for BlueScope Steel – one of the country’s great exporters, yet all of them recognized the coffee logos on display.

It appears that even the wealthy are only mildly conscious of the resources bubble, but have a deep and abiding affection for the cappuccino bubble.