These days working in the city can be an expensive exercise for the average white collar worker. For those of us who can’t seem to find the time to bring lunch from home, get up early and walk/ride a bike to work, do our own ironing, or just can’t face the day without a couple coffees to keep them going – we can end up spending big bucks over the course of the working year.

For a typical white collar worker who can’t seem to plan ahead well enough, bring a packed lunch every day, then hitting up the food courts each lunch can prove an expensive exercise.  Getting a meal and a drink for less than $12 can be a difficult exercise in Australia’s capital cities.  Over the course of the year this would work out to be $2,880.

Shunning public transport, in favour of walking or riding a bike to work, along with not only improving employees’ health could also save $2,112* per year.  In addition, foregoing the typical white collar worker’s driving juice of two coffees a day could save up to $1,680** over the course of the working year.

Another thing which can really add up over the course of the working year is dry cleaning, which can add more than $720*** throughout the course of the year to work related expenses.

Taken together, it is not unreasonable to expect that a typical white collar worker based in one of the major capital cities could be spending up to $7,392 per year, which could certainly be put to much better use!

*Based on the cost of a My Multi 1 weekly pass in Sydney over 48 weeks

**Based on typical coffee costing $3.50, twice a working day.

***Based on $15 per working week


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