The clear and stated ambition of Google is to be the King of Search. Put simply, when any human anywhere wants to think about buying something, they want Google to be able to solve their problem quickly and efficiently.

Right now they dominate the way in which you can buy products, things like cars or coffee machines. Consumers who spend a half an hour on Google can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

But here’s the thing, Google don’t just want to be the kings of product search, they also want to be the kings of regional and services searches.

This means that they want to start gathering consumer data (they missed Skype, they missed Twitter and their competitor’ products have been a bust) but now they are trying really hard to enter the world of customer ratings and customer feedback with Google Local.

Here’s the rub though – it’s their dream to begin gathering information on every local service provider in Australia every doctor, every dentist, every insurance salesman and of course every financial planner.

Get ready for the day when every annoyed customer that you have can write a review on Google Local and the first thing that anyone ever sees about you when they Google your name is said review.

This means that Google has now progressed from owning search, to owning your reputation. That is a pretty scary thought.


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