CoreData Syndicated Superannuation Brand Research


CoreData has developed a syndicated superannuation brand tracking study. This study will enable superannuation funds to track their brand awareness, perceptions, identification and intention. Most importantly, the study will identify the underlying drivers (and therefore attributes) of awareness.

The research and insights will allow funds to not only track key metrics over time, but to benchmark themselves against competitors and the broader industry.

The Approach
The research will evaluate the views, intentions and perceptions of individual superannuation funds’ existing members, as well as those of competitors’ members, in order to provide a holistic market view of the brand.

The research will focus on unprompted and prompted brand awareness, brand attributes, channel strength and choice drivers. CoreData will undertake further analysis combining brand performance features in order to develop a comprehensive ‘brand health’ score, which funds will be able to track on an ongoing basis.

CoreData’s brand research is designed to delve deeper into brand perceptions than is usually afforded by standard metric approaches alone – often offering only limited meaning and actionable findings. In addition to collecting a broad range of brand perception indicators and choice drivers, our research links these to the attitudinal, behavioural and socio-demographic characteristics of super fund members.

CoreData’s attitudinal survey questions have reliably predicted consumer type and behaviour. Using these questions, our analysis will be able to identify different behavioural types, their preferences and the demographic characteristics associated with each type (who they are).

CoreData’s attitudinal segmentation ties in with the other aspects of the research to make the results more meaningful for super funds. Instead of simply providing a group of brand metrics, our research will analyse the underlying causes of consumer views on good and bad brand performance.

Our analysis will be able to identify the most important channels to increase awareness among different types of customers, the attributes that funds should portray in order to attract different types of members, the brand personalities they like the most and how to influence their choice of super fund.

This delivers a much richer understanding of how your brand is placed in the sector and what is driving member perceptions. These insights will provide considerably more utility for strategic market planning and developing communications.

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