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CoreData’s ISI report measures investor sentiment towards business and economic conditions and asset classes on a quarterly basis. The report provides benchmark comparisons to the previous quarters and signals future investor intentions.

The investor sentiment index is derived from collating several layers of sentiment from respondents and has been collected on a quarterly basis since December 2004.

CoreData Investor Sentiment Index (CoreData ISI)

The CoreData ISI is calculated by weighting responses to the following:

Do you think the market for investments will be better or worse for investors in the next 3 months?
1. How financially secure do you feel?
2. To what extent are you Happy with your current investments?
3. How likely are you to take out a new investment product in the next 3 months?
4. How likely are you to invest more in an existing investment product within the next 3 months?
5. This research allows super funds and other providers offering financial services to consumers insight into the mindset of super fund members and 6. how the broader economic conditions are affecting their investment behaviour.

The data is collected through an online survey using CoreData’s extensive investor database and the set of responses are weighted to reflect the Australian population based on ABS statistics.

The minimum number of respondents collected on a quarterly basis is 800 Australians.

The report is available at the end of each quarter.

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