Member Engagement Report 2015


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Super funds face the difficult challenge of engaging members in a future benefit – in other words, one that will not be realised until a much later date; at retirement.

This study attempts to understand the level of engagement members have with their super funds and how funds can use engagement as a tool for boosting member retention.

It will consider ways in which funds can develop a more active relationship with members by exploring the key triggers for increasing engagement and satisfaction.

The research will also assess the emotive aspects of engagement such as feeling valued, being proud to be a member and suitability of the fund to determine what impact these softer factors have on member engagement and loyalty.

The report will cover aspects such as;

  • Member profiles
  • Involvement in and satisfaction with super
  • Intention
  • Switching propensity
  • Engagement with super
  • Attitudes to super and retirement
  • Preferences for investment options and contributions

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