Post-Retirement Report 2016


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The Post Retirement Research attempts to understand the inherent challenges associated with retaining super fund members post retirement. The study enables super funds to identify the reasons why members change funds at retirement and identify methods to prevent members from leaving the fund, including potential product and service solutions.
The research explores:

  • What products and services do members want in retirement?
  • Are there new products and service solutions super funds could be offering?
  • What would make them stay with their current fund at retirement? If they have left, what would have made them stay?
  • What can super funds do to appeal to them as retirees?
  • What is their view of annuities?
  • Which sector offers the best options for them in retirement?
  • What is their perceived need for advice in retirement?
  • How much influence do financial advisers have on their superannuation and financial decisions?
  • Perceived level of financial security among this demographic
  • How the needs of pre- and post-retirees differ?

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