Queensland pets have been lapping up the luxury life at a state-of-the-art pet centre in Brisbane, while their owners have holidays.

Hanrob Pet Hotels has been a family business for more than 35 years, and owner and chief executive Andrew Biggs said VIP pet guests get personal TV access and Skype calls with their owners.

“Every animal is special. Pets are madly loved by their owners, and it’s a big responsibility to care for them,” he said.

“It’s empowering at the same time to have so many happy customers, and we are continually striving to make sure each experience is 100 per cent great.”

The September school holidays have proved a particularly busy time for the business, with a recent survey from CoreData revealing 80 per cent of pet owners would rather alter or cancel their travel plans if they couldn’t find a suitable pet solution.

The company’s luxury suites, fitted with a TV, chandeliers, luxury bed and the ability to Skype their owners, sit at about a 95 per cent occupancy rate. It will set dog owners back $110 a night in peak season.

“We found there was a demand from customers who want their pets to have that high-quality, home experience for their pets,” Mr Biggs said.

“A lot of people experience a lot of anxiety when they leave their pets – we find the services we offer such as Skype calls really reduces that.

“Obviously they have placed a lot of trust in us, and being able to keep that connectivity to their pets only enhances that.”

Hanrob Pet Hotels has businesses across the country, and Mr Biggs said they hoped expand to New Zealand in the future.

“This is an emotional business – if you haven’t got the emotional attachment you won’t survive,” he said. “It’s about listening to the customers and having empathy, and striving for continual improvement.

Published 2 October 2017
Stephanie Bennet