IFAs seek protection paraplanners ahead of RDR

Some 40% of IFAs plan to take on a protection para planner to boost the commission they receive from protection business post RDR, according to research.

The research, conducted by Protection Review, found that 40% of the 764 IFAs it questioned were planning to take on a protection paraplanner as they prepare to sell life insurance, critical illness and income protection products following the introduction of RDR.

Protection products do not fall under RDR rules banning commission.

According to recent research from Coredata, a quarter of UK advisers who charge £100 or less for their services face a 40% drop in income from 1 January next year when RDR is implemented.

Chief executive of Protection Review Kevin Carr said that, even though the protection market did not come under the RDR ruling, other legislation would certainly increase the cost of protection products over the next year.

Gender neutral laws come into force on 21 December this year and will likely see women pay more for life insurance as their premiums are brought into line with those of men.

Similarly, Solvency II will mean companies need more capital to be able to offer insurance products – which again is likely to bump up the price, Carr said.

The cost of implementing RDR will mean companies that offer both investment and protection products are likely to push some of the costs into their fees.

Finally, a rule that allowed life insurance companies to offset income from protection against their investment business is due to be retracted meaning companies that benefitted from the tax break will no longer do so.

Published: 10 April 2012
By Nicola Brittain


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